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Cowboy on the Run Anne McAllister


World’s most eligible bachelor?

Gotta be a joke. Sure, he’s heir to a Montana ranching empire, but Rance Phillips has no intention of perpetuating the dynasty just because a lifestyle magazine and his meddling father are pushing brides-to-be down his throat. But when his path unexpectedly crosses Ellie O’Connor’s, he pulls up short.

Once his college sweetheart, strong-willed, stubborn Ellie is now a widowed mother of four. Four? Rance should be running for the hills. Instead he lingers, then settles in, determined to help save her family’s ranch for Josh, her eldest son.

Ellie doesn’t want help. She doesn’t want Rance! Well, actually she does. But he won’t stay. Not forever. 

So he needs to leave now. Before she falls for him again. Before her willpower crumbles. But mostly before Rance notices that Josh looks far too much like him!

My Review:

SO my favorite line in this story was “Last I heard homicide was illegal in Montana”. I feel like when the characters are faced with some really tough subjects that author will throw in a line like this that will have you laughing. I like Rance he seemed like he had a big heart and sought out to do what was right even when it didn’t make sense. I felt like Ellie was tough and strong yet also came off broken and just looking to hang in there for her kids. I will say there is adult topics and content that may not be suitable for all readers. Overall was a fun read. 

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Barnes and Noble

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While at your favorite bookstore/website check out Anne McAllister’s other books, You will not be disappointed. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. 


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