The Texas Cowboy’s Proposal Debra Holt


They had a foolproof plan…until one little girl got involved.

Sammi Jo Burkitt’s formidable grandmother’s will is pushing Sammi Jo to the brink. Yes, the feisty cowgirl can keep the ranching empire known as Aces High, which has been the family birthright for two centuries, but she must marry her rival and stay married for three years as part of the deal. Say no, and Aces High goes on the auction block.

Beaudry Hawkes wants nothing to do with the high and mighty Burkitts. Until the day Sammi Jo shows up on his doorstep with a proposition no one in their right mind would refuse: wear her ring, then accept thousands of acres of rich ranch land and a tidy sum of three million dollars when they part ways. The windfall could change everything for his daughter’s future.

But eight-year-old Lacy is becoming attached to the idea of one happy family. Nothing short of a true marriage between the two can make her dreams come true. Can Sammi Jo and Beaudry find their freedom and love too?

My Review:

This story was cute. I loved Lacy she was so adorable in this book she was wise beyond her years for sure. I loved Sammi Jo as well she is not who she seems in a good way and she was a true pistol/fighter but she knew the most important thing in life and she knew that not everything come from money. I did not like Beaudry I just felt he was a big jerk and I felt like Sammi JO deserved so much more then him. I was a huge fan of Jaxson and Matt they had so much more sense and so much more sassiness they took a serious situation and had you laughing! Overall this was a fun book and semi clean. 

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While at your favorite bookstore/website check out Debra Holt’s other books, You will not be disappointed. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.  


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