four star

The Stardust Cowboy Anne McAllister


He is nobody’s hero…

Wyoming rancher Riley Stratton has nothing in common with his newly discovered young nephew Jake’s imaginary “stardust cowboy”—the one who makes dreams come true. Riley’s own dreams died so many years ago, he doesn’t even think about them anymore. Now he just works hard, doing his duty by the family ranch. He knows it’s only fair to buy out Jake’s half.

Trouble is, Jake has dreams too. After inheriting half a ranch, Jake’s boyish dreams of becoming a cowboy are alive and well. Which means Riley’s world is about to expand to include Jake’s fiercely determined, seriously tempting mother, Dori Malone, too. And much to Riley’s dismay, Dori stirs his dormant dreams to life.

But Riley doesn’t trust those dreams. He doesn’t trust Dori. He gave his heart once and won’t do it again. Some men are made for love. Others, like Riley, are made for duty. And some dreams not even Jake’s “stardust cowboy” can make come true. Or can they?

My Review:

When I first thought when I started this book was why is this grown man acting like a spoiled child only to keep reading and realizing the author started the book with a child! I end up really liking Jake you could tell he was a determined kid with stars in his eyes and no one was going to stop him from letting his dreams come true and that he could not do something in life. I liked Dori as well she seemed like a fighter as well and why some of her story didn’t always show that you could see where Jack got his fighting spirit from. I was not a huge fan of Riley he seemed like a big push over and not take charge kind of cowboy I was expecting for this situation. In the end I wanted so much more from this group of friends. I wanted to know more about Trish and Jeff even thought I was not a huge fan of Trish I liked Jeff he seemed like a a really good guy. Overall I really enjoyed this fun book, I will say this book does contain adult situations so it may not be suitable for all readers. 

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